Hello + Welcome

Kevin graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a Communications degree in Media Production. After college, he moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and soon became the lead cinematographer for a production company at the age of 24.

However since 2015 Kevin has been solely dedicated to Two Stories Media, working as a director of photography and live production crew member for a number of producers, directors, corporations, event companies and local businesses.

When he’s not working, Kevin and his wife, Brittany, enjoy spending time with their two pups – see “Office Managers,” below. They also enjoy the beach, walking around various parks or socializing with friends.

Brittany is a Florida-grown creative and lover of all things she captures with her camera, whether still or in motion. She is a Media Production and Creative Writing graduate of Florida State University, which is where she met Kevin – in editing class, no less!

Brittany loves shallow depths of field, golden hour sunset light and capturing genuine moments. When she’s not using her camera, you can usually find Brittany trying out new recipes in the kitchen, playing with her pups, or reading the latest best-selling novel. Brittany is obsessed with coffee in the morning, hot tea in the evening and traveling to new and exciting places.

Ken graduated from the University of South Florida in December 2012 with a BFA in Studio Art with a focus in Digital Video/Media with High Honors. He has over 5 years experience in the industry and has worked on a wide range of projects from commercials and corporate videos to live events, short films and weddings.

Ken loves editing video and bringing out the best in people, helping them to tell their story. He believes the best part of his job is getting to watch clients’ faces while they watch a video he worked on, saying it makes all the hours worth it because he helped bring their dream to fruition.

Ken is married to his high school sweetheart and recently celebrated the birth of his first son, Clark.

Alyssa graduated from the University of Florida in 2017 with a BS in Telecommunication with a focus on Media & the Public, with highest honors. She has various experience in the industry ranging from casting, production, craft, editing, and marketing. She has worked on multiple projects ranging from mini-series and photo shoots to planning fundraisers and large events such as film festivals and concerts.

Alyssa has a passion for storytelling and connecting people with each other and their passions. She loves being able to help clients tell their story whether that be through film, photo, events, or marketing.

When Alyssa isn’t working on a production or event, you can find her enjoying down time with her husband and their rescue pup, Bentley. She also loves to watch the latest movies, research, right? ;), work on design projects, and travel.

Since his first movie experience, Star Wars, Eric has grown up as a lover of story and cinema. From creative writing, to just telling stories about how he lost his report card, Eric has always had an imaginative mind. After he graduated from the University of Central Florida with an Elementary Education degree, he decided to take his writing more seriously. As a teacher, he learned all about the structure and art of the story. He began writing a feature length script which earned him a semifinalist award with the Nashville Film Festival.

Since then, Eric has written several more projects ranging from feature film screenplays, independent sitcoms, and a web series. In 2015, Eric began directing, and has directed several projects with Two Stories Media.

When Eric isn’t teaching, writing, or directing, he is spending quality time with his wife and three children in the Orlando area.

Meet Clark and Penny, Two Stories Media’s most trusted office managers. When they’re not busy begging us to throw the frisbee, you can usually find them snoozing somewhere near us while we edit at the computer. They pretty much rule our lives.