Corporate Photography | Clearwater | Prezi

Corporate photography is always a blast to do! To begin, we were contacted by a rapidly growing company called Prezi, originally based in Hungary. They are an innovative presentation software available for businesses hoping to increase their presentation capabilities and quality. Our goal was to get product shots of the software in action in Clearwater, their new hub. With an actor and a phone we wanted to capture the app in use. Our locations were an office setting, on the go near a busy street, and at a coffee shop.

First, at the office we captured the phone, a large screen behind him and a laptop. Afterwards, we traveled to a busy street to get more stylistic with cars “zooming” by in the background. Then, we finished off the shoot at a coffee shop, where our actor pretended to be preparing for a very big presentation using Prezi. It was fun to create such a variety of photos for this company to show how the software can be used in many different ways – from preparation for your presentation to completion. Furthermore, these photos will be used to help market the app and software program, and we were so honored to be a part of that! Also, below are a few of the shots we got! Finally, leave your feedback in the comment area below.

Corporate Photography

Written by: Brittany Echemendia