Business Videographer | Tampa Bay | AARP Community and Culture

As a business videographer it is important, whether for a big or small company, to understand what is being asked of you. AARP, the US based membership organization for people age 50, fits under the aforementioned “big business.” In the Tampa Bay area, specifically Pinellas county, they began a new campaign to grow community and cultural awareness through AARP. Locals in the area will attest to the ever growing and prominent creativity and art vibe that St. Petersburg provides. It is nearly impossible to walk anywhere south of Tampa and not see some sort of mural. You see them on the sides of buildings, store fronts, art shops, museums and creative outlets. This is what makes St. Petersburg unique and desirable to so many

Because of the help of a local artist, Derek Donnelly, AARP was able to create a mural honoring their founder. Finally, check out the video to see exactly what AARP of Tampa Bay conceptualized and Derek brought to life.

Business Videographer

Written by: Kevin Echemendia