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Commercial Videography | Tampa | The Bar Method

Commercial videography is always a very fun project, especially when we are already so invested in the product! I’m not sure if you know, but I do bar method workouts in Tampa. I first found out about The Bar Method through some friends of ours who were hosting a wedding event called “Sweat and Sparkle” at Bar Method for local brides. During this event brides did a full bar method workout and then walked out into the lobby were a wedding vendors were available to speak with the brides about their services. Pretty cool, eh? In fact, so cool that they actually did the event again a few months later with Marry Me Tampa Bay.

We created a promo video for the aforementioned Sweat and Sparkle event (which you can see here). Afterwards the amazing owner, Jenny, got in touch with us about creating a promo video for The Bar Method. I was absolutely excited for this because I saw how intense the workout was and became interested in learning more about it for myself. For the full promo video, we setup a few interviews with clients, Jenny, and her studio manager, Lucia. Kevin and I really loved setting up these interviews and we think the final product looked amazing – Jenny was pretty ecstatic too 😉

We were also able to get into one of the Bar Move workouts (watch the videos below the full promo for an explanation of what this is) for some great b-roll. These ladies (and guys!!) REALLY work hard. I’ve since done a Bar Move class and let me tell you… I was hurting the next day! If you think it looks easy, I dare you to try it out!

Jenny loved the various commercial videos we created for The Bar Method so much that a few months later she had us create some shorter, more focused videos on Bar Move for social media. Check out the videos below and be sure to see what else we are up to!

Commercial Videography

Written by: Brittany Echemendia