sheila johnson

Event Photography and Videography | Tampa | Sheila Johnson

University of South Florida Muma College of Business

During the 2016-2017 academic year, we have been proudly assisting the University of South Florida Muma College of Business with various event photography and stylized videos. We recently created an 8k logo animation loop that plays regularly on their atrium video wall.  Earlier in the year, they asked for event photography at their Celebration of Free Enterprise award presentation. However, they needed a video highlighting the award recipient.  We were given the tasks of first, bringing this video to life and secondly, for it to showcase the night of the event.

Overall, the most challenging part was using a specific pre-produced video that we needed to utilize. When using someone else’s video, you are almost guaranteed to not have the right content or overall feel. Sure enough that was the case. After that we sat down, watched and re-watched the video, and scripted the points we wanted to hit. We then scheduled and conducted two interviews, one with Dean Moez Limayem, the second with Director Bill Sutton.

From what started as an unknown, soon became a realization that we had a strong highlight video. Having two informative interviews and mixing in b-roll of the previous video (checking the “must use this video” box) was the first thing we needed to do. Then we took the dropbox folder full of photos the provided and got creative within After Effects. Take all this, shake it up in post-production, and you get Sheila Johnson the 2017 Celebration of Free Enterprise Award Recipient.

Event Photography

While it’s always humbling seeing a room full of individuals completely engaged with your video we do see that we have more to learn. While at the award presentation, we got to see first hand just how iconic and polarizing Sheila Johnson is. She resonated positivity throughout the entire room and this is something that we had the pleasure of seeing when doing the event photography. The University of South Florida has always been a great client of ours and this event is just another positive example.

Written by: Kevin Echemendia