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Commercial Photography | Clearwater | Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Eye Site of Tampa Bay sought out a local business capable to handing both commercial photography and commercial videography. Ultimately we turned out to be a great match due to our photography and videography background with local businesses. They recently upgraded from a building they outgrew nearly 3 years ago to a gorgeous two story complex at the corner of US 19 and Gulf to Bay in Clearwater, hence the need for new content. We jumped right in and spent 2 days with the doctors. Day 1 was spent on photography where wide variety of headshots were taken utilizing two separate indoor set ups while day 2 was dedicated to multiple interviews and b-roll meant to boost their visibility in the public.

Each doctor spent time with our hair and makeup artist before stepping up for their headshots. We accommodated each doctors taste, since there were various looks. Once the grey background was completed we moved over the the blue where we did it all over again. From there group photos and a variety of new building images were taken.

Finally, on day 2 we spent the day working on commercial videography where each doctor had their own ‘about us’ video segment for potential patients to learn more about the doctors. In conclusion, a highlight of Eye Site of Tampa Bay can be found below!

Commercial Photography

Commercial Videography

Written by: Kevin Echemendia