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Training Videos | Tampa | Commercial Videography

Training videos are a concept most companies have thought of at some point. These commercial videos can serve a variety of purposes for your business or organization. Two of the most common purposes are: teaching about your product/service offerings for employees and customers, and training clientele the proper methods of executing a product/service.

Often times, training videos are not executed well and in turn can be either cheesy or boring; but, when done well they convey a strong message to your audience, something that holds value. Today, we’d like to break down three tips for your training videos: style, length, and quality.

Style of Video

You can use various ideas to organize your video such as a white, standard graphics, or more detailed animations. Defy Medical chose to utilize graphics with direct-to-camera messaging. This is a simple, direct and effective method that works. They also produced a variety of videos, including employee training and others that are more informational for clients.

With TeamViewer you see Andy’s personality come through. He makes it look easy, and his confidence and demeanor makes it easier for viewers to follow along.

Length of Video

Another element that we stress to clients is to not worry about the length. Shorter is typically better but you shouldn’t be afraid for your video to be 5, 6, 7 minutes if it makes sense for your video.

Quality of Video

Finally, but arguably the most important aspect, is production quality. The most significant deterrent to quality is the audio. Many DIY videos have bad audio (such as crackling or a hum) and poor lighting which is distracting and annoying to the viewer.

Professional sound tools, such as being properly mic’d, will alleviate these sound issues. Professional lighting causes the viewer to be directed exactly where they need to look. Today, TVs, monitors, and phones having such high quality you want to be sure the camera used will match. Starting your training video library now will only aid your business and brand. If you’ve been considering creating a training video for your business, contact Two Stories Media today to schedule a free consultation and quote!