61st annual heart ball

Event Videography | Tampa | American Heart Association

This was the 3rd year in a row we provided event videography for the American Heart Association Tampa Bay Heart Ball (see year one here and year two here). The American Heart Association is the nation’s oldest, and largest, voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke.

2019’s Ball took place at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel. The theme was “The Gift of Time.” The event featured a silent auction, impactful speeches, a live auction (which is always the highlight of the night!), AND a musical performance by The Village People!!! (Sidenote: Have we mentioned that we have the coolest job?!)

The Gift of Time program for the 2019 Tampa American Heart Ball. Two Stories Media provided event videography for the 61st Annual Heart Ball.

Production Details

We had two camera operators on site for the event videography. Each videographer had different roles and responsibilities. The primary videographer ensured that the shot list was completed, and that creative angles and the appropriate storytelling style was used. The secondary managed audio, followed the speakers/presenters to aid with the shot list, and managed gear.

With an event like this it is easy to start getting the same shots over and over again on accident. That is because your eye automatically goes to the aspects of the event that stand out the most. This is where a shot list comes in handy. The list keeps you on track and moving throughout the venue. It ensures that we capture guests walking in, tablets in use, sponsorship logos, table tops, front lobby signage, etc.

The entrance to the 2019 Tampa American Heart Ball featured a champagne wall that greeted guests. Two Stories Media provided event videography for the 61st Annual Heart Ball.

The final product brings this all together. It not only tells the story of the evening, but also the mission of the American Heart Association. Because of the work done in pre-production to create a shot list, as well as the great work of our videographers, we came away with so much varied content that we could make multiple videos. Check out the recap video below. Be sure to check out the American Heart Association for ways to support their work.

Event Videography