the drinkmaker

Product Photography | The Drinkmaker

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’re familiar with the popular brewer the Keurig. Now imagine that idea spun into an adult beverage maker. That’s right, make delicious, bar quality beverages for yourself or for entertaining, at just the push of a button (#mindblown). The Drinkmaker by Keurig does just that! Mosaic, a marketing agency, tasked us with a product photography production highlighting this new kitchen gadget in test markets. 

The Drinkmaker debuted in the Sarasota, Florida market (one of two debut locations!) and case studies were occurring. Over a two day period, our photographer, Andrew, and director of photography, Kevin, traveled to various locations where the new product was being sold. The locations included Best Buy, Liquor Locker, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, and Total Wine & More. They offered tastings to show how innovative and cool, this new Keurig is.

Mosaic wanted a variety of organic photography and video of the product in store. Mosaic and Keuring plan to use this content for their marketing efforts, including when it debuts in additional markets.

Often, agencies, rather than the product company themselves, are the ones who are in charge of creating collateral, such as product photography, for marketing campaigns. It’s always great to work with a fellow team of creatives, especially when it’s such a unique, fun product! We’re looking forward to the success of this new product for Keurig.