Commercial Video | St. Petersburg |Ride Scoozy

We love when our clients come back for additional productions as their marketing needs and goals change! That’s precisely what happened with Ride Scoozy – they were in need of updated product photography and commercial video. (Read up on our first production together here!)

For this production, we cast two actresses to travel around on a girls day. Ultimately, they ended up at the beach to put their toes in the sand. The goal of the production was to showcase how easy the bikes are to get out of your vehicle and ride around in. These bikes, the electric VeeGo are both motorized and have a manual component. 

Brown haired woman wearing shorts and a tank top opens the trunk of her SUV to get out her Ride Scoozy electric bicycle.

After getting out of their vehicle, we see the actresses prep their bikes and ride across the Clearwater Causeway Bridge. They ride through the bike trail to end up at Pier 60. This shows not only the ease of use of the bikes, but also that anyone can use them anywhere! 

In this quick half-day production we provided still photography for Ride Scoozy to use on social media, website and marketing assets, while also editing together a voiceover-driven 60 second edit to better educate a potential buyer. 

Blonde woman in a white tank top and green shorts pauses for a photo while riding her electric bicycle by Ride Scoozy.

The best part? Because we also produced their first commercial video and photography, Ride Scoozy is able to seamlessly share this new production because we provided brand continuity!

Commercial Video

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