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Educational Video | Amanda Donnelly, DVM | Clearwater

Amanda Donnelly is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, as well as a highly-sought after speaker and business consultant. Amanda came to us to produce an educational video series. She wanted to transition her online series into a video format for advanced training with veterinary practices. The ultimate goal being for veterinary clients to take advantage of advanced education and to be able to learn together, rather than only a select few.

Production Process

This would be a nine-part educational video series. Once Amanda wrote the scripts, she sent them over for us to review. As an unbiased reader, we provided insight to see if anything immediately stood out as not making sense. Once the scripts to each of the nine videos were complete, Amanda came to the studio for the on camera portion. Using a teleprompter for smoother delivery to camera we elected to record her on a white background with a slight falloff of light in order to give some contrast for viewers. This allowed for us to manipulate the image slightly in the editing phase so graphics would pop further on screen. 

A picture of the back of a video production camera looking at Amanda Donnelly, DVM, standing in front of a white background.

Editing Process

In post-production editing, we used various photos in conjunction with text reinforcement to aid the viewer in learning. We had what we internally called an A graphic, B graphic and C graphic. Some people are visual learners and the bullet points and text graphics help those individuals. The post-production phase was the phase that took much of the overall production time, as we worked with Amanda to make sure graphics fit what she was saying, branding was consistent, and to ensure that she flowed nicely from point-to-point.

Amanda Donnelly DVM stands in front of a plain background with text that reads "How to Attract and Retain More Clients One Call at a Time."
Sample of an educational graphic from Amanda Donnelly DVM educational video series.

After the nine videos were finalized we also created a trailer for Amanda to use to further sell her product. The series has done so well that Amanda is looking to do another video series in the near future!

Amanda Donnelly Promotional Training Video