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Medical Commercial Videography | Advanced Cataract & Glaucoma Care

Dr. Sheets is a prestigious doctor who is the founder of Advanced Cataract and Glaucoma Care. The practice provides comprehensive eye and vision care. Dr. Sheets opened his practice in the fall of 2019 and was in need of various medical commercial videography and photography in order to market the practice, as well as provide educational information to prospective patients. 

Dr. Sheets of Advanced Cataract and Glaucoma Care featured in medical commercial videography for his practice.

Medical Commercial Videography

After meeting with Dr. Sheets, we learned that the goal of the production was to produce and edit three videos: a cataract frequently asked questions, glaucoma frequently asked questions, and overview video. There are many trials to overcome when filming in a medical practice. First, was the schedule. Dr. Sheets closed the office for one day. This meant that he wasn’t seeing patients, but that we also needed to work efficiently. Our 1st AD kept us on task for the day as we needed to shoot in four exam rooms to get b-roll, capture one interview, and some additional photography. Additionally, filming in a medical practice typically lends itself to a lot of uncertainty because every practice has a wide variety of visuals. Advanced Cataract & Glaucoma Care had just renovated the office and upgraded several of their machines. So we had beautiful visuals to work with. 

Behind-the-scenes of our medical commercial videography production with Advanced Cataract & Glaucoma Care.

We interviewed Dr. Sheets, the owner and primary doctor. This is where we created the storyline and answered questions. We also had another element we had to work through in every scene – lighting. Everyone has been inside of an exam room and placing large lights, plus a doctor, patient and camera operator is not ideal. We lit from the ceiling, bouncing light in the direction we wanted to appropriately fill the space – a motto we live by, fill the space, not the face. It was a whirlwind day, but we were able to create captivating, vibrant imagery for Dr. Sheets of Advanced Cataract and Glaucoma Care. 

Check out the Practice Overview video below.

Practice Overview