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Production Set Safety Tips| FGI Podcast

One of the things that many don’t consider in detail is production set safety, however this is one of the most important factors on any production set. For a moment, consider the number of people on set (from crew to talent), as well as electricity and power running everywhere, vehicles, and more! Today, we’re going to give brief insight into production set safety, in conjunction with our podcast, The Filmmakers Guide to the Industry (aka: FGI).

Production Set Safety tips

On episode 28 of FGI, we spoke with Fernando Garcia, a rigging grip in Atlanta, GA. The topic we elaborated on is set safety. For those who are unaware, Kevin worked in the grip and electric (G&E) department under Key Grip Josh Long, whom Fernando also worked under. Josh, the co-host of FGI, constantly preaches set safety. Tthis is not because any accidents ever occurred, but rather to ensure one never will happen. 

Minor accidents happen on set and sometimes they are just that, an accident. What is unfortunate is that major accidents happen. Those are the ones that are typically preventable. Utilizing proper set safety is how all crew are safe from the moment they arrive to when everyone is wrapped. 

Kevin Echemendia provides guidance and direction to gaffer, Andrew, on a production set.

creating a safe production set

Two of the main contributors to a safe set are common sense and not rushing. Common sense comes with time, age, and the willingness to speak up if something does not look right. The not rushing part is sometimes the hardest thing to drill into the film crew. Sets can be hectic and loud, and directions can come from your superiors at any time. Rather than rushing to get a job done in 1 minute and running, slow down. It’s okay to take 3 minutes and walk fast, yet be in control of what you are doing. As well as being aware of those around you. There truthfully is no harm to the overall production with taking your time.

Kevin, Josh, and Fernando talk about instances that have happened to them (for instance – when Kevin had to leave a production because of an eye injury!). We also discuss how they could have been prevented and tell tale signs of something about to happen. Listen to the full episode below to hear more and learn the importance of set safety.