Reel 2020

Highlight Reel 2020 | Two Stories Media

We are excited to share another blog from our Letters from the Editor series, this time on the Two Stories Media’s 2020 Highlight Reel with you!  

Take a look at what we have been doing here at Two Stories Media

This is our opportunity to showcase some of our best work from the past years through current day projects to our current and potential clients.  Sharing our work this way enables you, the viewer, to have an insider’s look at what TSM has to offer.  When collecting information to pair with this particular reel, our editor Ken shared that he started pulling the best footage from 20-30 projects that they have had the privilege to work on.  It is not an easy task to select the best of the best from those projects.  The process involves taking 100 plus clips and condensing that down to 1 minute of video time. When you have such great footage, people, and projects to work from, this is quite the job.  

We are also very thoughtful when it comes to what audio to pair with our video footage.  Audio and rhythm play a huge part in the success of the video overall.  Key moments within the footage even hit on the beat such as the bottle cap press machine, the crack of the bat, golf ball impact, and much more.

Ken, who edits the Highlight Reel video content, finds it rewarding to see Kevin’s reaction the first time he watches it.  Seeing the client’s reaction to video edits is such a payoff and this one “takes the cake,” as Ken states.  Because this video sums up Kevin and the team’s hard work for the entire year, Ken does his best to wow them as much as possible.  We hope this Reel 2020 wows you as well.  The TSM team takes pride in their work and we hope that it shows.