Progressive Foam

Progressive Foam-Vendor Retreat

Event videography constantly brings us to new locations. Where we have the wonderful opportunity to work with new clients and develop different stories.  With Progressive Foam, they sent our TSM team out to the Sirata Beach Resort to capture their two-day vendor’s retreat.  As an Ohio company, they take the opportunity to head down to Florida during a cold month up north, in order to get some R & R.

About Progressive Foam

Founded in 1992, Progressive Foam is a foam manufacturing company dedicated to the commercialization of innovative building products. With strategic anchors in product development, advanced process technology, and product marketing. They invented and brought insulated vinyl siding to the marketplace.

Although siding insulation for vinyl siding is still their dominant product line. They have since diversified their offering to meet the needs of the entire siding market, offering siding insulation that can be paired with fiber cement, engineered wood, steel, and others. All of their siding insulation products help them to meet the needs of energy-conscious remodelers, builders, and homeowners. Progressive Foam’s mission is to provide innovative siding insulation systems to make homes comfortable and energy-efficient.

Two Day Production

On day one the TSM team meets up with Progressive Foam and their attendees at a cocktail and dinner – meet and greet.  We were able to capture a lot of laughter and games being played.  On day two, is when the presentations took place, along with additional learning opportunities, personal experiences, and networking.  All of this was throughout a 4-hour span of time. Next, we broke for lunch, followed by new vendor options and products.  We also captured a few interviews to further enhance the storyline and ensure we are hearing first-hand accounts of what this retreat means to the attendees on a yearly basis.

Our two-man crew was able to get footage of the presenter while a roaming b-roll camera was able to capture the reactions, details, and cutaways of the audience along with other speakers as well.  That multi-purpose secondary camera turned out to be critical for the final edit.

Take a look at the footage we were able to capture of Progressive Foam’s vendor retreat.