New College Master Of Science In Data Science

New College Master Of Science In Data Science

The Two Stories Media team was invited back to New College of Florida.  The first time, we captured a complete tour of their campus. On this visit, we helped to showcase their Data Science program.  To give you some added insight as to what their Data Science program is composed of – their Master’s in Data Science Degree consists of 36 credit hours spanning four semesters. The curriculum was developed exclusively for the Master’s program and offers a blend of interdisciplinary theory and practical application of skills. Mastery of the material covered in each semester is crucial for the successful completion of the Master’s in Data Science Degree. The GPA that the students are required to maintain over the course of the program is 3.0.  Some of the students have elected to participate in this program even after graduating elsewhere. 


The actual production takes place in one day.  However, preceding the one day of production we worked on the pre-production piece for two weeks.  Within that two-week timeframe, we had the honor of doing interviews with the Director, the Professor of Statistics, one graduate, and two current students. The interview process was one of the main takeaways from this production. As they told the entire story – with the broad range of those involved from the Director to current students – all had to be strategically thought out.  

All five interviews were done at different locations.  We selected various locations in order to continue to showcase the various looks the campus has to offer.  We were sure to include an outdoor spot because it is Florida after all. Also, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take advantage of the natural lighting.  In the video, you may be able to pick out the shot on one of the beautiful walkways on the second floor of a building.  Along with two others in classrooms and then another in the main entryway with artwork on the wall.  Shooting in these different locations brought additional life to the video while differentiating each speaker.

Our Crew

The on-site crew included a Director/DP, 1st AC, Gaffer, Key Grip, Audio Mixer, and Production Assistant.  With our six-man crew, we worked our way through six buildings throughout the day to capture the multiple classes that the Data Science program has to offer.  The program itself is pretty impressive and it made for a compelling project for us.  Another point of interest is that the location of the campus is in close proximity to the Sarasota Airport.  Which meant we had to gain permission from the FAA to fly our drone to get the aerial content.  

To learn more about this production – take a peek at the video below.