Jewelry Made by Me | Product Photography

Jewelry Made by Me | Product Photography

Want to learn more about product photography? Two Stories Media recently completed a product photography shoot in our Clearwater studio for Jewelry Made by Me, a DIY jewelry company. The shoot centered around the company’s brand-new resin product line, which inspired a large majority of the shots. We thought this was a good opportunity to breakdown a product photography shoot, how to prep for it, and let you know what types of product photos you should look to capture if you’re planning your own product shoot in the near future.

E-Commerce Product Photography 

For Jewelry Made by Me, because they didn’t have any existing shots of their new product line, we made sure to give them a basic, all-white backdrop behind each product that they can use to – quite literally – showcase the product online and at jewelry shows for purchase. Having a clean, crisp image of your product on a white backdrop might seem like a no-brainer, but this is where having a professional is key! 

Our client mentioned how she had tried before to get that pure white backdrop herself, and how grateful she was that they were hiring a professional photographer to accomplish just that. You never know how many “shades of white” there are until you try this for yourself! A professional photographer controls the light so there is no wiggle room, and white is actually WHITE.

E-commerce product photography for Jewelry Made by Me featuring their Resin Craft product packaging on a white background.

Flat lay Product Photography

Flatlay product photography showing Jewelry Made by Me stylized.
Stylized flatlay photography of Jewelry Made by Me bracelets.

After you’ve captured the pure white backdrop for product photos, you’ll want to get creative of course! This product was SO fun to shoot. Jewelry Made by Me brought so many fun props – including various backdrops, tools they use to make the jewelry, resin, chains, charms, etc. 

It’s so important to prep before shoot day and pack all of these smaller details leading up to a product shoot. We recommend starting to pack at least 1 week before shoot day, because as you’re thinking about the upcoming shoot during the week, you’ll start thinking more creatively and gather different props as the day goes by. Jewelry Made by Me did a stellar job preparing and packing – they even brought tile backdrops that they found at Lowe’s (of all places!) and fresh palm fronds they picked the morning of the shoot to add some greenery into the scene. So, pack early! Look around your house for colorful, textured props that can add to your brand and to the scene you’re creating.

Lifestyle product photography highlighting Jewelry Made by Me's resin and sample earrings.

Types of Product Photography

Lastly, we wanted to touch upon the types of product shots you should be looking to capture during your shoot – let’s say a checklist of sorts! We covered the all-white backdrop already, but you may want to consider solid color backgrounds as well. This is really fun for bringing your brand colors into play. Take a photo of your product on each of your main brand colors – you’ll love the pop, and in all the “noise” on the internet, this definitely catches your customers’ eye. 

Product Photography Checklist

  • Flat Lays – very popular and great for bringing in props that flatter your brand
  • Lifestyle – people using your product in a modern or real-life setting
  • Detail Shots – close-ups of your product so they can see how it works better
  • Group Shot – if you have multiple products in the same vein, group them together (especially if the products are different colors, but the same size)
  • Packaging Shots – people love the packaging; show off how your product will arrive. This helps build anticipation for their purchase!
  • Infographic – If you’re doing a specific infographic with a product, make sure to leave space for the words that will go around it! Negative space can be very powerful.

When you need updated product photography contact Two Stories Media for your next photo shoot!