Comeback Campaign

Comeback Campaign

Back in March of 2021, we launched the Comeback Campaign in order to spotlight a small business in the Tampa Bay area.  Many business owners were faced with hardships in 2020 due to the pandemic and some even had to close their doors.  We understand how challenging it can be to try to pivot during very uncertain times.  Because of these adversities that these businesses are facing, we asked our social media audience to nominate a deserving business.  The winning nominee would win a free video production from yours truly, Two Stories Media.

The Winner Is…

We are happy to announce the winner of the Comeback Campaign was Charley’s Boutique in Bradenton, Florida.  TSM chose Charley’s as the winner because of the heartfelt and honest write-up by one of their former employees, who is now a teacher. We identified with them as a fellow small business and wanted to do our part to amp up their video content on their social channels. Once we spoke with Charley directly we immediately jumped into scriptwriting and storyboarding. We elected to do two short-form commercial videos for her that could be filmed in one day. 

Commercial 1

The first commercial was inspired by a TikTok transitioning trend.  This trend generally showcases various outfits from casual to formal attire.  We took that method and implemented it into this commercial.  As our model walked it appeared as though her outfit changed seamlessly with each passing step. Kevin wrote and was the Director of Photography for this project. The key here was to blackout the entire space, in this case, Charley’s Boutique, to have full control of the lighting on the inside.  If we had not done that then the light leaking in from the storefront windows would have caused jumps in the cuts and would have looked unnatural.

Commercial 2

In the 2nd commercial, we showcase two women going on a shopping spree and try on various outfits once they arrive at Charley’s. Ryan wrote and was the Director of Photography for this spot. With this storyline we made an entire round in the store from the cast entering, being greeted, to shopping, grabbing accessories, trying on the outfits, and checking out.  In an effort to give the viewer an idea of what the shopping experience would look and feel like at Charley’s Boutique.

Both spots have already been released and we were so incredibly thrilled to help out another small business. Check out the videos and the behind-the-scenes shots of how it all came together!

Commercial 1 –

Commercial 2 –