Headshots & Your Brand

Headshots & Your Brand

There are many different ways a new customer will find your business to book an appointment with you or buy your product or even request one of the services you provide – depending on your business offerings.  In any of these cases, you should have updated content related to your business on your website and social media platforms, including headshots.   However, If someone was looking for a new pediatric dentist, for example, they may ask their friends and family for recommendations or they may go online and google “pediatric dentists near me” and will go look at a few sites that Google has provided for them.  Next, they will select a pediatric dentist that they are drawn to.  Right?  Much of that has to do with how that customer is attracted to that business.  Was it the images on the website or the reviews other customers have left about that business?  Either way, here is your chance to make a great first impression and stand out amongst a sea of competitors.  

Smile Builders Headshots

Smile Builders Pediatric Dentistry turned to TSM and wanted to completely revamp their practice’s overview video. Including various stills for their website and social media channels.  Once we discussed their vision and had an agreement in place. We were able to do on-brand headshots for them as well.  To give you an idea of what that truly means. When you walk into one of their offices you immediately see the child-centric artwork throughout.  To do their business justice, we would need to play off this fun, colorful artwork that already speaks to the Smile Builders brand. Having this playful background for their headshots goes against traditional photography standards.  After taking a deeper look into this with the client. We all agreed that this is what actually works for them and their brand.  Plus, this is how they are recognized by their current clientele.  

In-Office Headshot Photography 

Technically speaking, we used a simple two-point lighting setup that gave a high key for all the team members. Next, we lit the background to ensure there were details and vibrance on the colors.  We kept everyone on the same mark and raised them as needed for consistency in the background. A point that was incredibly important to the client.  We completed thirteen headshots total. Along with a team photo that now provides a cohesive look for their team bios on their website.

A cohesive look and feel are immensely important factors to your visual brand.  Your brand plays a huge role in how people are attracted to your business. It is why they tell their family and friends about your business.  At Two Stories Media, we work hard to provide you with the headshots that align with your brand and your mission. This paired with other photography and videography projects you may need to support your business.