Moffitt's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony At Moffitt Cancer Center

Two Stories Media gets the opportunity to work with Moffitt Cancer Center on occasion when they have an overflow of work and need an extra hand.  Moffitt is a great organization to work with and it is always a pleasure to hear from them.

MoffitT Debuts New Equipment

For this particular project, we were asked to join them and capture a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to introduce a new piece of equipment.  The Automation Equipment they were introducing was created to improve the patient experience.  In an effort to create shorter wait times and more reliable test results. The creator of the new chemistry automation line, Maya Cohen, provided a detailed tour of the line to Moffitt’s President and CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu prior to the actual ribbon-cutting ceremony.   

Run-And-Gun Style

TSM filmed this ceremony run-and-gun style, meaning we used a similar technique that is used to capture news footage or other live events – without the lights and extraneous equipment.   We were also very careful to capture the ceremony without being intrusive yet showcasing this team’s accomplishments and how these accomplishments will impact their industry.  

Same-Day Delivery?

The Moffitt team requested a same-day turnaround time for this production.  We were able to film for approximately 1 ½ hours.  Following our filming process, we utilized their in-house editing suite. Made the necessary edits and delivered the final product to the Moffitt team by the EOD.  

It was a good half of a day’s worth of work plus it’s always nice to be able to walk away from a shoot with the production being 100% complete.