Florida Institute Of CPAs

FICPA W.G. Profile

TSM had a great time on the production shoot with FICPA.  FICPA has an amazing team and they were really open to our creativity.  We knew this project would entail a little over a half-day worth of shooting.  However, the location of this shoot was in Orlando.  With travel time, this production worked out to be a full day.

Trusting The Vision

We planned out the day where we would drive up early to film our first interview in a park just after sunrise.  From there we went over to FICPA’s headquarters in downtown Orlando to capture their office on B-roll.  That would include our main interview with President & CEO of FICPA Shelly Weir.  With this interview being the true driving force of the video it really needed to stand out.  To achieve that, we chose the bright blue wall they have when you first enter the office.  This wall displays their logo and we felt it would make the perfect backdrop for this project.  At first, they were hesitant about using the wall as a backdrop.  The main reason being they have used it previously in other productions and it was a bit too “in your face” for their liking.  We assured them that the direction we were going in, would be more elegant and cinematic.  When we showed them an example of our vision they absolutely loved it.  Now the only thing left to do was accomplish just that.

The Lighting

We used a lot of light and double broke it to make one big soft source of light in order to accentuate the softness of Shelly’s skin and ensure the look is flattering while creating a cinematic effect.  From there it was all about the intricate details.  Shaping our fill light, edge light, and background light to really make Shelly pop and be the main focus while still giving some love to the sign in the background.

All-in-all it was truly a fun shoot with a great team of people and we look forward to the next project with them.