Sailing Cerebral

Sailing Cerebral

At Two Stories Media, we have to admit, we have fun doing what we do.  We get to meet so many amazing people and we help them tell their stories to the best of our abilities.  This project is no different.  We had the opportunity to dip our toes into some different kinds of waters…  …Reality TV. Sailing Cerebral brings four perfect strangers together to set sail in the open seas for a total of three months and TSM was there to capture all the action.  

And The Journey Begins

Season One of Sailing Cerebral starts off in St. Petersburg, Florida.  More specifically, at a marina by the Vinoy.  The crew set off to the Dry Tortugas and then off to Key West.  After The Keys, they then looped around to Ft. Lauderdale to do some much-needed boat repairs before they started their journey to the Bahamas.  They stayed in the Bahamas for the last two months of taping.  

Cap’s On A Mission

During this three-month span of time, the crew of Sailing Cerebral experienced boat malfunctions, a little island hopping, fishing, snorkeling, spearfishing, visiting unique locations, karaoke at night, and there may have been some boat drinking too.  This is just the beginning of Captain Gerard’s aka “Cap’s” plan to travel around the globe.  Cap fully intends on having a new crew of three with him every three months as he makes this journey around the world.  

TSM was on this sailing expedition with the Sailing Cerebral crew for a total of eighteen days out of the ninety.  Partnered with regular content coming in from the crew members with the footage they got from their GoPros and phones to assist in showcasing all of the adventures.  Two of our TSM team members would be on the boat when their crew was documenting the timing of these adventures.  Totally unscripted in order to give the viewer a true docu-reality series.

TSM – All Hands On Deck

All of the production and post-production was handled by TSM.  Kevin and Ryan were also associate producers assisting in the storytelling and some logistics. Season one consists of twelve full episodes and is a YouTube exclusive.  There are also upwards of twenty additional videos for added content along with behind-the-scenes looks at what the cast was up to. 

We are excited to share that season two of Sailing Cerebral was picked up.  Which has already been shot and will be released in February 2022.  With three new crew members that we are sure you will enjoy getting to know. TSM will be taking on even more responsibility with Season two.  Especially, with us adding in co-managing the YouTube channel onto the project with another entity.

Stay tuned for more on Sailing Cerebral with TSM.