Jewelry Made By Me | Product Photography II

Jewelry Made By Me | Product Photography II

Here at TSM, we love helping our clients promote their offerings.  It is especially thrilling to see our clients come back for another photoshoot!  In this case, it was extra thrilling because the products we were photographing were shiny, vibrant, and fun to mix and match. That client is none other than Jewelry Made By Me.

Jewelry Made By Me Is Oh So Charming

Jewelry Made By Me offers fun charms, chains, and all the DIY tools you need to create your own custom jewelry. We photographed their products last year, in 2021, and when we asked the ladies from team Jewelry Made By Me if the photos served them well for the past year, they said they absolutely loved them and they were able to get “a lot of mileage” out of them. In marketing terms, this means the photos we provided were true staples in their collateral.  They used the product shots TSM did for them in everything from website banners and ads, to social media and print. We love hearing that here at Two Stories Media!

Lifestyle Product Photography

For this second product photography shoot, Angie and Iliana came super prepared. They wanted a bunch of groupings of their jewelry products set with a lifestyle background. We had a lot of fun changing out the props and backgrounds to create the perfect product shots.  This time we specifically focused on wider images for the website, and square images for Instagram. 

product photography tampa bay
product photography tampa

Lifestyle product photography is really fun to shoot!  We are free to be creative and keep moving products and props around until they give us that “feel good” quality when you look at them. Our favorite scene was the coastal look. We used a pretty, turquoise background and added in lots of greenery, some texture with a raffia charger, product, tools, and even a fun little pineapple jewelry holder.  Fun fact, this pineapple holder is actually Brittany’s personal item. She likes to bring certain props to each shoot to help tell each brand’s story and make each scene unique.

Props are crucial for lifestyle shoots and in most cases, you can use almost anything you find in your own home!  Some great props to keep in your “lifestyle shoot inventory” are greenery, baskets, lamps, glasses, notebooks… the list goes on! The ladies at Jewelry Made By Me are always great about bringing unique, on-brand props and this just makes the whole photoshoot that much more efficient and, frankly, really fun!

Jewelry Made By Me loved how their product shots came out, and they look forward to working with TSM again for their next round of photography needs. We can’t wait to work with them in the future!

product photos tampa bay
product photos tampa

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