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Video Production | AG Creative

Here at TSM, we love helping clients achieve their visual identity. Working with fellow creatives presents a unique opportunity to collaborate on content creation. For the AG Creative production, we spent several weeks in pre-production with Alyssa, the Founder, and Chief Content Strategist. We talked through the storyline, script, and shot list. Creating content for an agency that specializes in social media marketing presented a unique familiarity in marring their brand with a visual expression of their voice.  

Commercial Production in Sarasota

For this project, we didn’t have to travel far being Tampa area natives. We selected Sage, a restaurant located in downtown Sarasota that has an aesthetically pleasing event space above their restaurant. In this open space, we designed five various looks to capture the AG Creative team working. You’ll see different shots of all the ladies working within their element, from the lead strategist leading a team meeting to one of the brand designers working to the collaboration of account managers and more. 

brand photography sarasota florida

While leaning into the contrast, the overall look was bright and slightly muted colors. We had large windows to embrace, space for depth, and wood accents that you will see throughout the commercial. We wanted to keep the same general look across all the scenes. The wide-open event space allowed us to achieve that continuity.  

A Walk in the Park 

For the second location, we moved to a local park. We only had two shots to get, the first and last shots of the commercial. The first is a vertigo** shot of an old-school Mac computer. That’s right, the bubble ones we all had in computer libraries when we were in elementary and middle school back in the day. This was a strategic choice. 

What is a Vertigo shot? A Vertigo shot is a dolly zoom practical in-camera effect that is used to undermine normal visual perception. The effect is achieved by zooming a zoom lens, which we used the DZO Pictors, to adjust the angle of view while the camera dollies in the opposite direction as the lens as a way to keep the subject the same size in the frame throughout. 

We wanted the viewer to recognize old technology while seeing how much has changed and how AG Creative utilizes modern marketing techniques. After that, we captured the final shot of the piece: the hero shot of all the women standing to firmly showcase the team.

The AG Creative Team in Action

A few days later came the half-day finale. TSM traveled to PAINT Nail Bars’ newest location at Lakewood Ranch Waterside. Being one of AG Creative’s clients, we went in with the idea that this would be more organic to capture. We established the location with a sign shot and wide shot, while capturing a client getting their nails done. Then circled the shot back to AGC’s Director of Brand Partnerships, who was overseeing the grand opening. Lastly, we showed a ‘like’ of an image on Instagram previously photographed by the team. These shots helped tie in more elements of what AG Creative offers and showcase the full-service creative agency.

 This commercial was intended to be used on ad campaigns. TSM delivered various 0:30 and 0:15 second horizontal and vertical options. Interested in a company commercial refresh? Our team at TSM can help you marry your brand and story through visual content.