Filmmaker’s Guide to the Industry Podcast

The Filmmaker’s Guide to the Industry (FGI) is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews and insider knowledge about the business of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s lawyers, producers, gaffers or marketers, The Filmmaker’s Guide to the Industry will give beginners and veterans alike the knowledge to navigate a career in the movie business. FGI is hosted by Kevin Echemendia and Joshua Long.

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Meet the Hosts

Kevin Echemendia

Kevin has been in the production industry for close to 10 years, with a wide array of experience from sports to commercial to branding content. Constantly working closely with clients and their desired visuals Kevin has gained the ability to work in multiple facets of the industry on a daily basis. When Kevin is not co-hosting FGI he operates Two Stories Media as the lead producer and Director of Photography.

Joshua Long

Joshua’s almost two decades of experience ranges from Broadway to Hollywood and both above or below the line giving him an unique voice when it comes to the entertainment business and its evolution. When Joshua is not co-hosting FGI, he operates Greenlit, a boutique marketing agency, that caters to the entertainment industry.