Commercial Videography | Bradenton | Xenith

In addition to our full-service productions, the Two Stories Media team is often asked to partner with another producer to provide production support. Xenith, the football helmet sponsor and provider for IMG Academy, recently had our team do just that for a commercial videography production.

Xenith asked us to provide a director of photography, gaffer, and audio mixer to pair with their producer. To ensure that everyone is on the same page for the production day and style, we had multiple pre-production conversations. We captured content during the IMG Academy Media Day. This content included: testimonials on the product, slow motion, and real time footage that you would potentially see in highlight reels or intros.

We filmed inside with a background provided by Xenith. Based off of the pre-production conversations, we set up our lighting to match Xenith’s desired look. We used both our Litepanel Geminis. One of these created our fill light. The key light would strobe or pan across at various intervals for different shots. We also had a hair light to give some separation from the background. Along with that, we used a variety of our flags, rigging, and diffusion to make the necessary lighting adjustments. The goal of the commercial videography production was to capture content for Xenith to use in various marketing collateral. Xenith wanted the content to be compelling, edgy, and high energy. Check out some sneak peeks below. 

Commercial Videography