spoor bunch franz headshots

Headshots | Spoor Bunch Franz | St. Petersburg

Spoor Bunch Franz, CPA (also known as SBF), reached out to Two Stories Media because they needed to update and add headshots to showcase their talented staff. The Accounting Firm didn’t want just your typical-stuffy headshot, they requested we give a style that conveys their refined yet contemporary brand. Today, we’re going to share some of the more technical side of the production and detail what we used to achieve this look.

To capture their headshots, our team went to the SBF offices in Saint Petersburg. We chose a shiplap wood textured wall that was part of their conference room as the background for the photos. This was an established aesthetic that represented their environment. This made it easy to convey their brand look and feel without spending extra money on a new background.

Lighting & Technical Details

Once the background was set, we designed the lighting treatment to showcase the staff’s unique features. To achieve a look that was cohesive with SBF branding guidelines, we employed two 2-foot crossfade quasars. This formed a vignette in the frame. We used color-contrast as our method to separate the subject from the background. We set the quasars to warmer color temp – around 3000 kelvin. This allowed us to achieve contrast. The key light was set to 5500 kelvin for a more blue light. The use of two color temps created an effect of the wood appearing a more orange tone in the final image. 

We had a tight space to create a big, soft quality of light. So, we used our Litepanels Gemini with a DOP Choice Snapbag and 1/2 grid diffusion. The resulting light was not soft enough, so we t-boned an 8x 1/2 grid to make an even bigger source creating the desired softness. 

A camera is set up with various lighting to capture headshots.

We used an A7r2 camera. We tethered the camera to a laptop for instantaneous client approval. By doing this, it reduces the number of edits and touchups which results in client savings and satisfaction. 

We know that can all sound like a bunch of technical jargon. But, we hope that it helps you to understand all that goes into what seems like a “simple” headshot production. We consider and plan every detail to create beautiful images that our clients will be happy with for years to come. Take a peek at some of the images below.

Spoor Bunch Franz Headshots

a woman stands in a blue shirt in front of a wooden background for her company headshot.
a man stands with his hands in pockets in front of a wooden background for her company headshot.
A woman smiles, standing in a black and white polka dot dress, with one hand on her hip in front of a wooden backdrop for her company headshot.
A man stands in a light colored button down shirt with his arms crossed over his chest in front of a wooden background for his company headshot.