Farah & Farah

Farah & Farah

We had the privilege of teaming up with Claymaker again to work on a commercial for Farah & Farah in Gainesville, Florida.  Two Stories Media was the on-site production company on the day of production and Claymaker handled the editing.

Virtual Pre-Production

Traveling to another city can bring a lot of excitement along with some anxiety for commercial productions.  The TSM team traveled to Gainesville the day prior, scouting out various locations in person (even though we did our due diligence beforehand via Google maps), location images, and some locals’ help.  We did elect to move one scene from the steps of a park to a bench at an outdoor dining establishment. With our client’s permission of course.  Outside of this subtle change, everything in our pre-production virtual scouting plans panned out.

Law Firm Commercial Production

On production day we were constantly referring to our shot list to ensure we were capturing what was needed for the final deliverables.  Our client, Farah & Farah, had a marketing representative on-site while a representative from Claymaker was also with us.  These practices are currently incredibly common in our industry.  We do advise overly communicating with all parties involved and having a way for everyone to see what is being shot.  Client monitors add value to a production project.  On this project, we were stopped once in order to make various adjustments to the talent, framing, and room.  Overall the entire shot was changed and that decision was welcomed and well-received by all parties involved.

Our day saw us starting outdoors in front of a historic building in downtown Gainesville.  Then shifting to a park three blocks away before moving back to Farah & Farah’s Gainesville office for the remainder of the day. In total, we captured eight scenes to showcase their team and share what a ‘’normal’’ day looks like in the office. The goal was for the audience to understand that these attorneys are local and that this office is open for anyone who needs help – two elements they hold dear.

It is always fun to see a project come together.  We hope you enjoy seeing the finished product.  Farah & Farah is passionate about their community and we hope this video production represents that well.  Let us know if we can help you promote your business or your next event.