Therabody At David Leadbetter Golf Academy

Therabody At David Leadbetter Golf Academy

We’re excited to share our Therabody product video with you today! If you’re interested in fitness at all, you’ve likely seen a social media ad or commercial for Therabody’s Theragun. Two Stories Media had the great pleasure of working with such a thriving company! During the pre-production portion of the project, Therabody really used a hands-on approach. They sent over a team of people to appear in the shoot.  In that team, we had the honor of working with Charlie, a wonderful Director/Producer from Therabody. While on set Charlie, ensures their brand and story are represented properly.  


The entire production side of this two-day shoot is managed by TSM. Our very own Ryan Sousa is the Director of Photography on this commercial production. The location is in beautiful Celebration, Florida and we planned for a very early call-time on day two of production. We made the decision to stay in Celebration for both days of production due to our 5:30am crew call. In addition, there could potentially be circumstances out of our control – like traffic.  I-4 nearly always has a high probability of heavy traffic in the morning and afternoon when traveling from the Tampa Bay area.

Therabody product video

The main component of this production is to announce the partnership between Therabody and the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. In the video we showcase the one and only David Leadbetter himself.  We capture a lot of story elements along with stand-up interviews for marketing purposes. Also, there were multiple opportunities to really “flex our creative muscles” as Kevin our Founder likes to say, and where we could really let our work shine.

As we mentioned previously, we had an early call on day two of production. This is necessary in order to get some sunrise footage of the golfers warming up with the Theragun and taking some practice swings. There are so many variables that go into shooting at sunrise. One of those variables is whether or not the sun and clouds are playing in our favor or not. There really is no amount of planning you can do in order to get such a perfect sunrise as we had. From there we bounced the sun back on the players for a solid edge and we had our 1200 HMI to help supplement in a few areas where the bounce wasn’t quite enough.  

Let There Be Light… And Hot Air Balloons

During the opening shots, we had just a crack of sunrise light and it was gorgeous. We utilized the Dana Dolly to add some motion and the EasyRig to move in for details with natural movements. After that, once the sun peered out over the top of the buildings, it was time to play and get creative! We captured some amazing light flares with people using the Theragun. Just when we thought this shoot couldn’t possibly get better, we looked out across the driving range and saw all of these hot air balloons start to take flight in the background. It added so much value to the shoot and truly made for an amazing backdrop. So in case anyone was wondering, no, we did not superimpose those into the video – they’re natural!   

In conclusion, we really couldn’t have asked for a better morning to film. It was an all-around great shoot with a lot of good memories made!