USF-CBCS-School Of Aging Studies

USF-CBCS-School Of Aging Studies

Two Stories Media loves an opportunity to team up with the University of South Florida.  One of our most recent projects was to visit with students and staff to help them showcase their School of Aging Studies program.  TSM worked closely with The College of Behavior and Community Sciences, CBCS, to develop an overview video for them to share some information about their School of Aging Studies with potential students. 

Location, Location, Location

Enhancing the visuals and showing all the different ways these students study was the task at hand.  However, the program is completely virtual, meaning no in-person classes.  Once again we got to flex our creative muscles in the placement of the students.  Filming and photography took place on campus yet we had to make it feel like they were learning remotely.  TSM made a lap around the college campus while searching for the perfect spots to place students that help to authentically tell the story of how students study when they are not in a classroom setting.  As our team made our way around the campus we conducted B-roll outside.   


This was a full day of production.  We directed interviews in the morning, paused for lunch, then B-roll in the afternoon. We were able to place students in some rather desirable spots that display the freedom of online learning.  We also shot in various lounges on campus and we even found a nook that was decorated to feel like a library or home studio. 

The Goal

It takes a lot of thoughtfulness, planning, and preparation to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer(s).  Will this get their attention and is it engaging?  Ultimately, the goal is for prospective students to watch the video, understand what the program offers, and realize that they too can take all the courses online and study whenever, and wherever, they want.