The White Elephant Project

Trade Mark Interiors – The White Elephant Project

The White Elephant project is a grand, exciting full home renovation completed by one of our favorite clients, Trade Mark Interiors. This Sarasota-based company has specialized in commercial and residential interior design for the past 21 years. Trade Mark is a team of incredible women who are insanely good at what they do – and they’re just great people! Of course, TSM was excited to work with them on this huge project, dubbed “The White Elephant” for a few reasons – you will have to watch Episode 1 on YouTube to find out why!

Introducing The White Elephant Project

Two Stories Media has worked with Trade Mark Interiors in the past on a few other large-scale home renovations.  Capturing before, construction, and final video shots of these gorgeous homes and all the beautiful work that the Trade Mark Interiors team put into them. The White Elephant project is a little different, as this is Tracee’s (the CEO of Trade Mark Interiors) personal home. Also, instead of coming in to get a video of the before, construction, and final phases.  This time TSM captured the entire story of the home renovation from beginning to end, editing the content into episodes, and releasing them on YouTube for the world to see. This is super exciting! Who doesn’t love a great home renovation story? Especially, when told from the perspective of the interior designer herself.

TSM Fully Equipped 

In Episode 1 of The White Elephant, we meet Tracee, Grant (her life partner), hear how the house came into their life, and what their plans are for it. We also get a glimpse of the many stages of construction to come in the following episodes. This house is from the 1980s and offers over 6,000 square feet. It’s getting the full treatment – everything from flooring and wallpaper to a new roof and windows. This is such a massive project, we brought everything we would need for this production.  Which includes our full 1-ton grip and electric package, lighting package, and drone for some sweet aerial shots. We got footage of every square inch of this house – before and now in the first stage of construction. This project involves multiple days of production and content management over the course of a year, to start.

sarasota videographer interior design project
sarasota videography interior design project

In addition to capturing the entire story, Two Stories Media is also launching and managing the Trade Mark Interiors’ YouTube channel. We are really excited about this YouTube show and everything it’s going to offer the audience.  You will see lots of tips on interior design, and why Tracee chose certain design elements. Managing and maintaining a YouTube channel, that needs constant content for its video feed, is something our team is fully capable of handling, and something we’re doing for a few other clients.  Especially now when even more marketing emphasis is being placed on video.

Watch for future blog posts about production on The White Elephant project, and be sure to subscribe to the Trade Mark Interiors’ YouTube channel to watch the show!

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bradenton professional videographer interior design project