Super Girl Surf Pro

TSM Totally Stoked – Surf Girl Surf Pro

To say that this event video production was exciting may be an understatement.  For this particular project, Two Story Media traveled to Jacksonville Beach, Florida to get footage of the Super Girl Surf Pro competition.  Our approach to this production was very similar to working on a 1,000-piece puzzle.  With various segments that contained anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes each of footage.  Each segment is different from the next.  We wanted it to feel like one continuous hour-long story.

Let the FUN begin!

Our goal for this Super Girl Surf Pro production was to capture all of the feelings and emotions that were ever-present.  The final product needed to convey all of the fun, competition, encouragement, empowerment, excitement, and sportsmanship that could be felt by all.  While also meeting the requirements of every sponsor into a show of the ultimate thrills and love.  On top of all this, we had a very short deadline.  

Ken, our Senior Editor, compares this experience to working on wrestling TV shows – where he too was the Editor, prior to joining TSM.  He was able to channel that storytelling structure to help piece together this pro surfing event.  When you are watching wrestling, viewers are not continuously knocked over the head with action.  They are provided with moments to relax, similar to when you are on a roller coaster with its ups and downs.  Sure those moments when the roller coaster is plummeting down towards the ground are exciting.  However, you need the roller coaster to go back up and slow down so that you get ready for that next wave of excitement from the upcoming drop and twist! 

We tried to replicate that very same experience by pulling away from the surfing competition to highlight everything happening just off the coastline including skateboarding, video games, food, and concerts.  This event really did have it all with performances by Hoobastank and the Plain White T’s.  TSM didn’t want to miss any of the action and we also didn’t want to miss out on highlighting the wonderful location that is Jacksonville Beach.  

A Story Of Two Surfers

On top of all this, we took the time to elevate what was happening during the matches – similar to a storytelling style that the wrestling promoters use.  The final match felt very much like a PPV main event with the promos, backstories, and how the entire event unfolded.  The story that was taking place before our very eyes had a modern-day David vs. Goliath feel.  

It was a story of a young girl who was once just a spectator at this event a couple of years ago.  Only this time she wasn’t a spectator; she was competing in her first appearance in a finals match going against a professional surfer known worldwide.  This pro surfer has been unstoppable everywhere she goes.  This event allowed the viewers to not only watch these girls compete.  It gave the viewers a sense of what was going through the competitors’ minds and truly felt what was at stake here near the Jacksonville Fishing Pier.

Viewers found themselves passionately rooting for one or the other and because of that palpable buildup this match did not disappoint!  This piece was stressful, there is no doubt about that.  However, the final product was absolutely worth it!  The TSM team was able to put together a product that met all the needs while making it something worth watching for both novices and pros.

Care to see for yourself how the event went?!?!  Check it out in the link below!