Mattamy Homes Celebration Florida

Mattamy homes-Celebration Florida

For this project, Two Stories Media took a little trip over to Celebration, Florida to work with Mattamy Homes to showcase the new homes they are offering.  The Island Village & the Merritt in Celebration is designed to provide a live, work, and play community that is meant to appeal to potential home buyers.

Tour Mattamy Homes – TSM Style

To help to tell the story of what this community has to offer TSM takes the viewer on a virtual tour if you will.  The goal is to capture all of the storyline components and B-roll footage.  Keep in mind that getting B-roll can be equally as important as interviews or testimonials.  This will aid with the visual storytelling piece.  We want to convey to the viewer what it would feel like to live in a home in this community.

Generally, it is common practice to get the B-roll and the storyline components into one production day.  You will need to schedule the day accordingly to ensure you do not run short on time.  B-roll is used to cut away and provide another level of context in hopes to increase visual interest, which further helps to tell the story.

Let’s Talk Gimbal

A-roll is the primary footage for the storyline while B-roll is the secondary footage.  In this case, we did a lot of gimbal footage that gave us fluid movement throughout the homes.  This method truly does allow you to properly display a pleasant look and feel.  A gimbal is used as a camera support tool that holds and rotates on an axis.  Using a wide-angle lens is also common when filming gimbal footage as we did for this production. The reason we chose this approach is that it closely represents what your eye would see if you were walking through the home yourself.  Plus, keep in mind that they are trying to sell these homes, so this process supports that aspect as well.

Going With The Combo

To show the viewer what it is like to walk in the downtown area of Celebration we incorporated a combination of a gimbal, tripod, and drone B-roll to mix in as necessary.  All three of these camera tools evoke various emotions and perspectives.  This will be important to the viewer as they are watching the footage and deciding if this is going to be their new home.  Whether floating through the space with a gimbal, panning or tilting with a tripod, or flying overhead with our drone to get that amazing aerial perspective we want to impress the viewer and keep their attention.

TSM strives to tell the story of our client’s business offerings in a way that engages the audience.  Let us know when you are ready for us to help tell your story.