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Commercial video is our bread and butter here at Two Stories Media. For this video, we worked with Coastal Chiropractic located in Largo, Florida. They reached out to us for help creating a few highlights of their practice. This resulted in one full day production that had 6 scenes, plus 2 interviews, for a 60 second commercial video overview. In the video we highlight all that the chiropractic office offers as well as what differentiates them from others in the area.

One thing we specifically wanted to showcase in this commercial video is how Dr. Mark Rogers, the owner, offers spinal decompression to his patients. Coastal Chiropractic has 2 machines and a dedicated room for his spinal decompression patients. We started out the day with that scene, as it was a specific need and our actor, who also is an ACC football referee, could only be with us in the morning.

After we concluded the spinal decompression scene, we captured Dr. Rogers’ testimonial on how spinal decompression has extended his career. Other scenes in this commercial video show Dr. Rodgers and his physical therapy assistant working on 2 separate patients. After lunch we staged clientele walking in, being greeted by the lovely ladies at the front desk, and signing in to be seen by the doctor.

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The Breakdown

Most productions are shot out of order, so keeping track of which shot will follow another is critical. In this case, what door does the talent enter from, do they walk left or right, was the patient holding a purse, etc. Those elements, when shooting out of order, can get tricky later if you are trying to tell a full story. Our team is well-versed in keeping track of continuity in all our productions

commercial video production medical tampa bay

commercial video quality

The main deliverable was a 60-second commercial video. Additionally, we created two vertical 15-second cuts for social media ads. We embraced, and leaned into, the daylight coming through the windows at Coastal Chiropractic. Furthermore, we enhanced it at various points with the Aputure 1200d outside of the window. Because of this, we were able to purposely ping the lens to add flares and glow. This look was intentional, leaning into the ‘hope’ and ‘healing’ that chiropractic adjustments bring to patients. Additionally, how they are heading to a healthier feeling.

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