Created Women

We recently had the pleasure of creating a testimonial video for the amazing people at Created Women. This video was played at their annual fundraising benefit. Created Women helps women that have been sexually trafficked get help and get their lives back on track. This was a 2 part project. We filmed a testimonial video with 3 different women telling their stories, as well as filmed the actual live-stream for the benefit.

Ryan, from our full-time team, was the Producer and DP for this production. He dove into the creative on the pre-production side. Ryan made sure we got exactly what the client wanted while also being able to sculpt a specific look. The result was fantastic, and the Created Women team were thrilled.

Video Production Setup and Equipment

For the testimonial shoot, we did a lot of single light setups with a hard push from the 1200D through the windows. We only added a Litepanels Gemini for fill light if absolutely necessary. We were in tight quarters, so this helped a lot with space. It also provided a lovely high contrast and emotional look that fit the piece really well, given the subject at hand.

The second shoot for the live-stream was one of those shoots that had A LOT of setup at the beginning. Once it was done though, it was a smooth day of filming from there. We had to black out a few windows to control our lighting. This provides a consistent look as the day goes on. Additionally, this set the scene in a very specific way to hit all of the markers that the client requested. In the end, the image came out great and the client was extremely happy.

Testimonial Video Post-Production

Ryan also had the pleasure of editing the testimonial video. This was extremely mentally draining. Going through all of the women’s hard stories and trying to do them justice was taxing. The challenge was to create one cohesive story. During the edit, Ryan had to “stop and clear his head” multiple times in order to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. It was tough, but worth it, and the end product is one we are proud of as a team. We even decided to keep a “Director’s Cut” version. This is one of the longer original cuts, before we had to get it down to a specific time for the benefit.

All in all, this was an amazing project to be a part of. We’re glad we were able to give back to this incredible organization. After all, they give back to so many local women. If you’d like to support Created Women or learn more about their mission, click here. If you’re interested in a similar style testimonial video for your own benefit or event, click here to contact Two Stories media today.