Therabody + Leadbetter Golf Academy

Therabody, formerly known as Theragun, recently partnered with the Leadbetter Golf Academy to create a multi-deliverables video production showcasing the benefits of their products for golfers. We conducted the two-day production, which involved a full cast and crew who traveled around the golf facility, capturing both video and photo content to be utilized on a golf specific campaign.


  • Full-Service Production
  • Full-Service Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Aerial Video
  • Model & Talent Booking
  • Post-Production

Video Production Breakdown

We dedicated the first day of the production to training facility content. Throughout the day, our crew captured footage of golfers using Therabody products in multiple scenes and locations around Leadbetter Golf Academy. The photo and video content showcases the ease of use and effectiveness of Therabody’s products. Indeed, their products help to relieve muscle tension and improve mobility for golfers. The video footage is used to create multiple deliverables, such as a 30-second and 60-second commercial. Additionally, we created a significant amount of educational content which highlighted the benefits of Therabody products for golfers specifically.

Therabody and leadbetter golf academy

The second day of the production focused on golf course content. Our crew captured images of golfers using Therabody products throughout the course, during the day and at sunset. The difference in light is crucial for this type of video. It creates the sense of a full-bodied product that is effective from sunrise to sunset. As with any project, we took the time to light all scenes carefully and individually. We staged the models and products appropriately to showcase Therabody in the best possible light. We also feature the natural beauty of the Leadbetter Golf Academy facility as a whole. Two Stories Media edited the photo and video content into a series of marketing materials. This type of collateral is critical in Leadbetter Golf Academy’s product brochures, web and social media marketing.

Therabody video leadbetter golf academy

Product Engagement

The two-day production is a great success for both Therabody and the Leadbetter Golf Academy. The final video production edits showcase the benefits of Therabody products for golfers in a visually stunning and engaging manner. Therabody’s partnership with the Leadbetter Golf Academy provides a unique and relevant setting for the production. This conveys the message that Therabody products are a must-have for golfers looking to improve their game. And we agree!

Therabody and leadbetter golf academy
Therabody and leadbetter golf academy

In conclusion, the two-day production for Therabody at the Leadbetter Golf Academy was a well-rounded and successful endeavor that showcased the benefits of Therabody products for golfers. The combination of video and photo content allowed for a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Therabody products for golfers. The final products have been well received by the target audience.

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