Zach King YouTuber

Recently, our team at Two Stories Media was asked to crew a one-day production for YouTuber Zach King. Yep, that’s right! THE Zach King, known for his 6-second magic vine videos. For this production, the YouTube sensation created a competition on a remote local island. Three members of our team – Kevin, Dylan, and Ryan – were specifically assigned to this project as a YouTube videographer. Kevin was the lead camera operator, Dylan the gimbal operator, and Ryan the drone operator. Below is our recap of the project, and below that is the final competition video from Zach King. Check them out, then keep reading for our breakdown!


  • Crewing
  • Full-Service Production
  • Composition Development
  • Aerial Video
  • Brand Awareness

The Competition

The competition involved a large pool of contestants, all competing for a grand prize of $150,000. Our team was tasked with capturing every aspect of the competition that took place on Beer Can Island, off the coast of Tampa, Florida.

The day started early, with our team meeting at a nearby hotel. The Zack King producers shuttled all crew to the dock to load up on boats that took us to the island. Our team ran around the island, capturing all of the exciting and thrilling moments of the competition. The game consisted of 6 different games. The winner would be awarded $150,000. Kevin, Dylan, and Ryan worked together seamlessly with the entire Zach King team, to capture all of the action from different angles and perspectives. In the final edit, this provides the audience with a complete picture of the competition. Additionally, it makes the audience feel immersed in the story. Imagine this – there are close to 15 total cameras running throughout the entire day on a remote island. It was close to 20 crew total – so fun!

youtube videographer in tampa florida

YouTube Videographer role

Ryan, the drone operator, was particularly instrumental in capturing aerial footage of the island and the contestants as they competed. This provides a unique perspective on the competition and allows the viewers to get a sense of the scale of the event.

Dylan, the gimbal operator, was also an essential member of the team. He provided smooth and steady footage of the contestants as they competed. This allows the viewers to get a clear look at the contestants and the action, even in fast-paced and challenging environments.

Finally, Kevin, the lead camera operator, was responsible for ensuring that all of the footage was captured accurately and in high quality. He worked closely with the Director of Photography who came directly from Zach King’s studio. The additional 5 camera operators all worked together to cross shoot. The goal was to tell the full story of the competition over the course of 10 hours of shooting.

tampa youtube videographer

The YouTuber Zach King’s competition was a complete success. Our team worked with a large, out-of-state team to capture the competition over the course of one day. The final result was a visually stunning and engaging video that showcased all of the exciting and thrilling moments of the competition. The final video was a huge success for the client. As of this post, it has raked in over 3.7 million views for Zack King’s YouTube channel, while showing off the Tampa Bay island.