Always Fresh Farms

Always Fresh Farms recently brought their products to InPlace Marketing to create a stunning product photography in Tampa, Florida series for their line of fresh berries. The production took place at the studio at InPlace Marketing. We photographed all the berries they have to offer: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Indeed, the goal of the shoot was to showcase the high-quality, juicy, and plump fruits to drive brand awareness and sales. To that end, we wanted to highlight the vibrant colors and textures the brand has to offer.

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What Gear Did We Use?

We begin by photographing the individual fruits. Each berry is photographed to showcase its individual features. For this, we use a soft diffusion lighting technique to accentuate the texture and highlight the natural beauty of the fruits. Also, we use the ‘light the space, not the face’ method. This means we bounce our large source light, the Aputure 1200d, off a large 12x bounce. After that we fill in with a 2×4 beadboard underneath. To finish off our lighting setup, we use a Litepanels Gemini across the opposite access.

product photography in Tampa, Florida

During the shoot, each berry is carefully styled and positioned. We give great attention to every detail, like the shine on the surface of the fruits, materials, props and spacing between the berries. Next, we shift focus to multiple combinations of the berries. This showcases the fruit’s versatility. Indeed, this makes the berries more appealing to a wide range of consumers. Mixing the berries provided variety within the images to convey the deliciousness and freshness of the fruits for everyone.

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Throughout the photo shoot, our team worked closely with the Always Fresh Farms team and marketing agency. We ensured that the images accurately reflected the brand’s values and goals. The result was a set of product photographs that not only showcased the quality of the fruits, but also captured their essence and the essence of the brand overall. The product photography for Always Fresh Farms was a success and conveyed what the brand is known for. 

The images have been well received by the brand’s audience and have played a significant role in increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

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