Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport recently asked TSM to create a video campaign to showcase the airport’s endless travel services. The campaign consists of three different videos, each focusing on a different activity or event – skiing, Oktoberfest, and fishing. The comedic video campaign was filmed entirely in front of a home to add a personal touch while leaning into the humor.


  • Creative Direction
  • Campaign Development
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Model + Talent Booking
  • Full-Service Production
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Post-Production
  • Brand Awareness

Video Campaign

The entire video campaign was shot over the course of a single day. We packed each of the three videos with hilarious, relatable moments. On the gear side, we used the Arri Alexa Mini and our 1.5 ton GE package. Additionally, we sourced some add on’s from a local rental house. Each of the three scenes aligns with the campaign’s goals: travel out west to ski, travel northeast for fishing, and highlight overseas to international destinations. These three videos showcase the airport’s commitment to providing a stress-free travel experience. We enhance this feeling of relatability in the campaign by setting the scene at a home. This draws the viewer in, so that they can imagine themselves coming “out of the fog” of mundane life, and envision themselves booking a trip.

Comedic video Campaign

The goal of a comedic commercial is to entertain the audience and leave a positive and memorable impression of the product or brand being advertised. The unrealistic nature of a bear, frozen fish, and snow being used on your own front lawn make these videos hilarious. And, we have to say, it was really fun throwing a frozen fish at our actor over and over on set. Don’t worry! He was one hundred percent in on the joke.

Campaign Development

These comedic commercials aim to break through the noise of traditional advertising in travel, and stand out in the mind of the viewer. With so much content pushed out each day, comedy is a very useful tactic to get the audience’s attention. Indeed, we knew having quality props was going to be key across all three videos. We wanted the audience to have no problem recognizing, quickly, what was happening in each scene. To that end, we sourced bear outfits, kayaks, and even flew in a large frozen fish from up north to really make everything believable – in the comedy-sense, of course. Additionally, we took our time finding the perfect voice-over talent. We needed something who had a little life and lift to their voice, but that you could imagine talking to everyday. Collectively, this enhances the development of the campaign, and creates memorable moments for potential travelers.

All three videos have since received raving, positive feedback since they began their campaign at the start of the year. We’re happy that our team was able to showcase the airport’s commitment to providing a stress-free travel experience for their audience. It’s a prime example of how a little humor can go a long way in getting a message across and connecting with an audience in marketing.