Editing Process | American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon

Editing Process | American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon

You often hear about our productions from the pre-production and production view. You hear about the vision of a client, what Two Stories Media does to make that vision come to life on production, and you see the end result. But, what about post-production? Today, we’re starting a new series, Letters FROM the editor. Ken, our lead editor, will be breaking down various productions and share when he gets involved (much earlier in the project than what you may think!), details on the editing process, how he creates our client’s vision, and all of the details in between. 

About the event

Each year, the American Heart Association hosts the Go Red for Women luncheon. This event is part of “a campaign to raise awareness among women about their great health threat – heart disease.” Two Stories Media was chosen to provide an event recap video. 

Without further adieu, let’s hear from Ken! 

beginning the Editing process

Kevin and I discussed the client’s vision and aspirations for this project and what it all entailed. I went to work on developing an a-roll rough draft which clocked in around 2:15 minutes runtime. Kevin made a few storytelling notes and approved the a-roll. 

Once the revisions were complete, I began developing a true first draft for the client which included b-roll, color correcting and grading, music, and audio mixing. Once exported, we sent the first draft to the client. The client provided feedback and revision requests. After a couple rounds of revisions and lower third information was received, I was able to develop a final draft.

editing details

Regarding the color grading of this footage, red was a huge factor to their theme. Not only is it the main color for the American Heart Association, but it is a key color in this particular campaign. I needed to make the red pop, yet keep the warm tones in the people’s skin looking realistic. We don’t want everyone appearing to have the skin of a red Hulk. 

I also had to keep an eye on my white balance so that it did not shift too much and make the whole screen one red blob. The three rooms were fairly easy to color with the exception of a few clips. I wanted the color to look as it looked in real-life with a pop of red. AHA and Armature Works did a great job with the lighting and decor in this room. By adding a little contrast to these shots with that brick wall, it really made the image stand out.

American Heart Association Go Red for Women luncheon keynote speaker at Armature Works.

Determining the Story

Editing is also key in developing the storyline of each production. For each speaker, I was looking for the best quote that really highlighted what the event was about. These quotes should help define the mission and success of the AHA Go Red for Women campaign. 

For events, I typically like to start the video with a speaker welcoming everyone to the event. Then, I like to dive into a “who we are” type of dialogue. Anybody watching the video should understand who they are and what they do. The speakers talked about the circle of Red and the success they have had. They also provided tips to making small choices to living a healthier life. The storyline now explains who they are, recent organization success, and tips to live healthier, but we are still missing the impact factor that will make the viewer understand and appreciate the work AHA does. 

That’s where I decided to add in the powerful testimonial of a woman who suffered a stroke at a young age. She credits the AHA and what their work has accomplished in our society with her being alive today. I wanted the viewers to feel for her and truly understand how lucky she is to be alive – thanks in part to the work of the AHA. 

With this testimonial fresh in the viewer’s mind, I brought in the call to action which was a request for donations followed by how thankful the organization is for the generous support. I always try to close on a powerful and inspiring quote that helps tie the story and the mission together. 

American Heart Association Go Red! for Women luncheon storyline is brought into the editing process.

finalizing the edit

So the layout goes: begins with a welcome to the event, who we are, our success, testimonial and real life impact, donation request, thank you to all who help us and the impact you have on the organization and lives of others, and a closing inspiring quote that stays ties everything together and hopefully resonates with the viewer. By the end of the editing process, everything flows on its own and creates a unique, compelling story. 

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!