USF Muma College Of Business

USF Muma College Of Business – Student Managed Investment Fund

Two Stories Media has had the great opportunity to work with USF Muma College of Business since 2016 and have truly come to know every room.  This time we aided their marketing department in telling the story of the Student Managed Investment Fund.  USF defines “The Student Managed Investment Fund as an educational ‘’business’’ housed in the Muma College of Business. The investment fund offers motivated, well-prepared students the opportunity to participate in simulated financial management strategies and decisions as well as to manage ‘’real money in real-time.”

The students have the opportunity to interact with an advisory board of financial services industry professionals. These business leaders share their expertise with the students during this presentation and may also extend internship possibilities as well.  This student-managed fund benefits not only the students but also the business community.  This provides access to outstanding students by sharing research reports and other investment fund materials.


TSM captured B-roll footage of various students in a classroom setting.  This carried over into a simulated briefing with Investors, from there we captured interviews to hear first-hand how the experiences these students are going through and how this will benefit them as they transition these skills into their professional world.

During the B-roll, we had several screens all throughout the room.  With reflections of glasses and the use of natural lighting were helpful in lighting the room for us.  Although we did have our own lights to compliment what was already present, it is important to know when to embrace your surroundings and lean into the look.  We took this thinking and applied it to our interviews.  We were able to position ourselves at the end of the second-floor corridor lined with large floor-to-ceiling windows.  This is where we were able to take full advantage of utilizing the windows as our key light while bringing in a negative on the side.

It is always a privilege to work with USF’s staff and students.  TSM is excited to share this project with you and to showcase what USF has to offer.  Check out the video of the  USF Student Managed Investment Fund project below.  

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