Valley Fir | Part Two

Valley Fir | Part Two

Storytelling goes back centuries. “Story” is a vivid narrative of an experience, belief, life lesson, or idea. A simple story can be told and retold with added embellishments and elements to elevate it. That is the beauty of storytelling. You can alter it to embody a brand’s voice and image. That was our goal for Valley Fir, to marry their brand with their story. 

Role of Storytelling in Commercial Video

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At TSM, the main focus of any video production is to make our clients’ business stand out. In an ever-evolving social media world, the story we help our clients tell starts with relevance and interest. 

For all three of the videos we produced for Valley Fir, we had a guideline of what the client wanted to portray to the customer. The first was to showcase the high-quality custom woodworking available. Next, the customer experience showcasing their drive-up lumber yard. Ending with a salute to the Veterans that are employed at Valley Fir. 

Ryan stated, “Each of us that were filming had to break down our corresponding storyline into a different shot list that we could piece together. This helped make a visual story that was strong and cohesive.” 

Post-Production Flow

Post-production is where the magic of storytelling comes to life. Through the interlacing of multiple shot sequences, voiceovers, and color-correcting a visual story is created. 

The cinematography and lighting pairing brought this production together. Editing this three-shot sequence together worked out exactly as planned. We were able to tell  Valley Fir’s woodworking story through the first two videos and pair it with the voice-over edit for the last video shot highlighting the Veterans at Valley Fir. Everything fit together flawlessly.

We were able to capture the essence of Valley Fir and elevate its branding through the use of video. 

 “The production was incredible, filled with plenty of challenges. We loved Georgia and the great people at Valley Fir. We’ll make that hike past Florida to Georgia anytime.”-Dylan

Award Flex 

Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards are the world’s largest honor for video and television across all screens. This video production snagged two of those awards. 

Valley Fir’s “Woodworking” video won two silver Telly Awards in Online Commercials for Videography, Cinematography, and Editing. Check out our awarding-winning video below.