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Commercial Video | FARAH and FARAH ‘Energy’

One of the many advantages of being a film production company are the various projects we get to be a part of. A film production doesn’t always look the same. Sometimes we are the facilitators of the production, while in other productions we are a part of the crew. TSM had the privilege of pairing up with Claymaker to help aid in the commercial production of an ad campaign for Farah and Farah.

Here at TSM, we are starting a series of videos that break down how we did various productions. Everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes sneak peek into creating projects. In this first video series, we break down one of our biggest projects to date. 


Our first production breakdown is for FARAH and FARAH, a law firm based in Jacksonville, FL. They have branches throughout Florida and into Georgia. This project was called “Energy.” The production was an entire ad campaign, partially filmed inside the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium over multiple evenings. The Jacksonville Jaguars were a premier sponsor of this production. 


TSM talks more in-depth about the various scenes and overall production you will see throughout the commercial. Ranging from the entrance of Chuck and Eddie with the jaguar to the courtroom scene with Dalia, and the energy that is created and circling around the city in the video. 

Day one of the production was entirely at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium during the evening, we had to capture the final two shots of the commercial. The first highlights all four Farah’s standing in the football stadium with a space left open for the jaguar to be animated in. 

The other shot we captured with the use of a drone soaring through downtown Jacksonville. We structured the shot to have the Jaguars stadium as the prominent focus in the frame. The beginning of the video spot was all captured on day two, keeping the continuity of night which was a large visual element of the campaign. 

TSM filmed throughout Farah and Farah headquarters. For most of the shots, we used an m18 booklight as our desired lighting choice. We transitioned to other m18s in the background and throughout their building. 


Have you read about the Telly Awards in our previous blog Valley Fir Part Two? The Telly Awards are the world’s largest honor for video and television across all screens. This production won three of those awards in the Local TV category for cinematography, writing, and law/legal services.  

Be sure to watch the entire video and hear from the director and the animator. We would love to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned for more in this series.