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Rent the 1.5 Ton – Base Package

Rent our 1.5 Ton Base Package for your next video production! We have fully customized our Tampa 1.5 Ton rental to be more than just the standard 1 ton you have come to know. Ours includes two 2×1 Litepanels Gemini’s, eight quasar crossfades, two quasar q-lion packs, one 3k bi-color fresnel, dana dolly, 6x frame, 8x frame, rags, stands, diffusions, two carts and a hamper. Looking for more lighting inclusions? Consider renting out 1.5 Ton Full Package, which includes an Aputure 600d, Aputure 1200d, Astera Titan Tube Kit and Easy Rig. At TSM, we offer gear rentals, crew and full production support in Tampa Bay and greater Florida. What else do you need?

See full details below about what is included in our 1.5 Ton Base Package. Then, click the button below to book today. Rentals are offered to Tampa Bay and Central Florida region productions.



Lightpanel Gemini (2x)50′ Stinger (4x)
Nanlite 60c (2x)25′ Stinger (3x)
Quasar Q-Lions Kit (2x)10’ Stinger (3x)
Aperture 7w Smart Bulb (4x)Quad Box (4x)
Cube Tap (5x)
1K Dimmer (5x)
600w Dimmer



Cardellini Clamp (8x)Full Apple (x3)
Mafer Clamp (4x)Half Apple (x3)
Norms Pin (2x)Quarter Apple (x3)
Jr. to Baby Adapter (2x)Pancake (x3)
Baby Pin Nail-On Plate (2x)Crate of Wedges
Mathew’s Quaker Clamp (2x)Furniture Blanket (x2)
Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp (5x)8 Step Ladder
4 1/2 Gobo Head (4x)15lbs Sandbags (x10)
2 1/2 Gobo Head (4x)35lbs Sandbags (x6)
#2 Spring Clamp (10x)
#1 Spring Clamp (10x)

DOLLY and Carts


Dana Dolly with 8 ft rails2” Black Gaff Tape
Senior Magliner2” White Gaff Tape
Camera Cart2” Black Paper Tape
Hamper1” Marking Tape – 5 Colors



4×4 Floppy (x4)Small Roller (x2)
4×4 Frame (x3)Dana Stand (x2)
Reflector Board (x2)Lowboy
2×3 SolidTurtle Base
2×3 DoubleDouble Rise Combo (x4)
2×3 SingleBaby C-Stand
2×3 Full SilkC-Stand (x8)
2×3 Half Silk
Cutter Set



8×8 Frame + Ears (x2)
(Full Silk, 1/4 Silk, 1/2 Grid, Solid, Ultrabounce, Griff)
Medium Tarp
6×6 Frame + EarsWalkies (x8)
1/2 Soft Frost (1/2 Grid, 1/4 Grid)Jumper Cable
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What Else Do You Need?

Tampa Camera Rental

Two Stories Media offers an up-to-date 1.5 Ton grip truck with industry standard equipment. Our Tampa Bay grip and lighting package includes lights, c-stands, combos apple boxes, flags, and more for your production. We also offer the ability to crew your camera department, gaffers, grips, electricians, PAs and sound mixers that can work on your production.

Grip and Video Lighting Services in Tampa Bay, FL

We offer professional-grade lighting packages for your next Tampa video production. At Two Stories Media, we are dedicated to quality. We offer various LEDs, Titan Tubes and HMIs available a-la-carte for the grip and lighting package.

Film Lighting Rentals in St Petersburg, FL

Our Tampa grip truck rental is available with experienced G&E crew, such as gaffers and grips. Depending on your needs, Two Stories Media also offers complete Tampa video crews with director of photography, camera operators, gaffers, sound mixers, PAs, and more.

Need crew, additional gear rentals, and support? Contact us and see how we can help you!