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Two Stories Media is a multi-award-winning production company and independent documentary video production company. We are based in Tampa Bay, FL, serving all of the Southeast U.S. TSM is a leading creator in thought-provoking and engaging media. Our work is known for its high integrity, expert craft, and ability to push boundaries, inspire, and entertain. Our experienced team of filmmakers can take your documentary vision from concept to final edit, with services that include pre-production, location scouting, scriptwriting, casting, filming, post-production, and more.

Wild Florida: Bike-Packing the Spanish 520

Released in early 2023, Wild Florida: A Bike-Packing Documentary follows Robert Schaefer on his 520-mile bike-packing adventure through Florida. This coast-to-coast journey from St. Augustine to St. Petersburg follows a mix of singletrack, forest roads, doubletrack, grassy trails, bike path, and pavement. Originally released on YouTube, this documentary is also featured on

Two Stories Media is currently producing, shooting and editing Robert’s next documentary: Into Lowlands.
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Documentary Video Production In Progress

built to last documentary

Coming Early 2024

Built to Last: Buyer Beware
Director: George Siegal
Director of Photography: Kevin Echemendia

Two Stories Media is the production company behind the documentary film, Built to Last: Buyer Beware. This film, which takes our team throughout Florida, explores the materials we use to build our most important and valued asset: our homes. Built to Last reveals the impact of poorly constructed homes and inspires consumer action to demand safer homes. Highlighting the extreme damage done by natural disasters as of late, this film begs the question: if we know how to build lasting homes, why aren’t we?

Move the World Films partners with Two Stories Media to bring you this documentary, set to release in 2024.

Coming 2024

Cyber Florida, Do We Belong Here?
Director: Sarina Gandy
Director of Photography: Ryan Sousa

‘Cyber Florida: Do We Belong Here?’ embarks on a compelling journey that spotlights the remarkable women re-shaping the cybersecurity industry and driving its evolution. During production, the TSM team travels throughout the U.S. to multiple cities, to capture the stories of these women and their deep impact on cybersecurity’s ever-changing landscape.

Through insightful explorations of companies, their innovations, and broader industry trends, the film offers a comprehensive perspective on the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Two Stories Media partners with Cyber Florida and the University of South Florida to bring you this exciting film, set to release in 2024. 

american disfunction documentary

Coming 2024

American Disfunction, A Picture is an Illusion
Director: George Siegal
Director of Photography: Kevin Echemendia

Unveiling a sobering truth, ‘American Dysfunction: A Picture is an Illusion,’ delves into the harrowing narratives of three families whose lives are shattered by the deceptive allure of social media. As the documentary unravels their stories, it exposes the fragile boundary between virtual perfection and the gritty realities that lie beneath. Thus, inviting us to question the impact of our online connections.

Move the World Films partners with Two Stories Media to bring you this documentary, set to release in 2024.

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As a client-centered creative force, Two Stories Media is dedicated to understanding your story and vision. We are experts in translating your ideas into a captivating documentary experience. Our track record of success and innovative storytelling techniques ensure that your project will receive the utmost attention. Above all, TSM transforms your concept into a powerful visual narrative. With our expert guidance, your story gains an unmatched level of depth and resonance, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Choose Two Stories Media to collaborate on a documentary that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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With a proven track record of crafting captivating narratives, our expertise in documentary filmmaking transcends the ordinary. Thus, we offer you the chance to bring your documentary project to life with unparalleled creativity and professionalism. From concept to completion, Two Stories Media’s seasoned team dedicates its time to capturing the essence of your story. Above all, we blend visual mastery and emotional resonance to produce stories that leave a lasting impact.