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Advertising Video | New College of Florida Tour | Sarasota

Last year, New College of Florida contacted Two Stories Media because they had a special advertising video production in mind – a campus tour video. But not just a boring old tour – one that is captivating and showcases the broad range of the College and their stunning campus located in Sarasota, FL.


Our team set out on a two day production on site in Sarasota. We saw firsthand how iconic they have become in the area. The campus combines newer and older architecture, while being directly next to Sarasota Bay. We moved throughout the campus, and as you will see in the video, and various buildings as well. Keeping to the schedule was a critical component because if you get behind at any point it has a domino effect, that could cause overtime, which is never ideal.


In order to achieve the ‘walking through campus’ feel we used our Tilta Gravity 3-axle gimbal. This tool is a staple for us in these types of productions. However, because we toured the entire college in the video, we were in a variety of production sites – both indoor and outdoor. The production was truly ever-changing. This meant that we also needed a variety of tools and team members, including additional lighting and sound equipment.

Behind-the-scenes of the video production for the New College of Florida tour.
Lighting crew preparing for the next shot in the New College of Florida tour.

Now, on to talent. Often times for commercial productions, the client will seek out professional talent. But, who better to speak on camera about this great college than students of the college? Mackenna and Matthew  are accustomed to talking and providing potential students with information. They were amazing!

New College of Florida students taking us on a tour of the college.

They both kept their energy high throughout the production and their depth of knowledge of New College was astounding. Rather than having professional talent, who have not experienced New College for themselves, this allowed for an unparalleled authenticity for the campus tour video. Additionally, because they were so prepared, it allowed production to stay on schedule.


New College is thrilled with the final product. They now have a unique tool to use in their marketing strategy and to appeal to prospective students. And honestly, with the views they have – who wouldn’t want to go there?

Views of Sarasota Bay and the New College of Florida sailing team from the college campus.

(P.S. The video is so great, we also won a gold Education Digital Marketing Award!)

Take a look for yourself below! To learn even more about the production, watch Episode 5 of Talking Stories with TSM!