See how Big Storm Brewing Company helped their team and their community.
Big Storm Brewing Hand Sanitizer

Big Storm Brewing Co. | Two Stories Media

Two Stories Media had the great honor of shining a spotlight on a business that cares about their community and their team. 

See how Big Storm Brewing Company helped their team and their community.

Founded in 2012, Big Storm Brewing Company (aka BSB) has three Taprooms in Florida. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, this family-owned business is dedicated to making quality products. They have the ambition to explore opportunities left unexplored. Big Storm has become a leader in the craft beer industry and beyond.  BSB’s Florida favorite brews include Tropic Pressure Florida Ale which is steeped with hibiscus flowers, and Key Lime Shandy which is brewed with key lime puree.  

Big Storm Brewing Responds to COVID-19

When COVID hit, Big Storm was one of many companies learning how to pivot during these unexpected times.  While businesses had to close to support the effort of reducing the spread of COVID, Big Storm didn’t just stand by, they responded.  Big Storm Brewing Company quickly transitioned from brewing their best beers to making a much-needed product during this time. That product being – hand sanitizer.  They needed to acquire the additional licensing to produce it in their facility – which they were able to do so, successfully and quickly. 

In their warehouse and storage areas, they were able to locate the specialty pieces that helped them to convert various tanks and filling stations that had only been used for beer up until now, to make hand sanitizer.  This positioned them to create, fill, and package medical-grade hand sanitizer making it available to the public. As matter of fact, they packaged more hand sanitizer in one week than Purell typically makes in one week.  

Highlighting the Importance of Community to Big Storm Brewing

Two Stories Media just happens to be down the road from the Big Storm’s Clearwater location. We got an insider look at how they were able to shift during the pandemic. A two-man crew from TSM, went into the Clearwater location, properly masked and safely distanced, to capture Big Storm in action.  Co-owner, LJ Govoni, was available for an interview and shared their goal with us.  That goal was to ensure their employees continued to keep their jobs.  It really was a win-win situation.

BSB was able to stay in production making the highly demanded medical-grade hand sanitizer, and kept their team employed during this fragile time.  Plus, the hand sanitizer was not only available to the local community, but it is also available online to purchase.  Talk about being nimble in a highly stressful time.  Two Stories Media loves to be able to share stories like this one.  We hope you enjoy their story too.

Take a look at what TSM captured during our visit at Big Storm Brewing Company in Clearwater, Florida.