Smile Builders Pediatric Dentistry

Smile Builders

We know most people do not always look forward to visiting the dentist.  The team at Smile Builders understand that and made their offices a fun place for kids to visit.  Guess what?  The TSM team had fun visiting these offices too.  

Going To The Dentist

So what does a two-day production project look like at Smile Builders?  Well, fun for one – which we may have already mentioned.  Also, we were able to schedule it so it was evenly balanced for both photo and video for marketing and advertising purposes.  The final photo deliverables included team headshots, group photos, and organic photos of their team working throughout the practice.  The content we captured for the video was an overview to help parents see inside the practice and to highlight the experience the kids have when they visit Smile Builders. For their headshots, we used one of their artworks as the backdrop to further tie in with their brand and to help showcase who they are.

Office Tour Production

This production was also the first look into their newest location in Dunedin.  Which by the way both of their offices could very well be confused with a child’s paradise.  Smile Builders have two offices, one in Tampa and another in Dunedin. The artwork in these offices is bright and colorful with cartoon cutouts.  They share fun interactive videos to show children how to properly brush and floss their teeth.  Along with cute plush characters to practice their teeth brushing skills on.  Plus, kid-friendly movies pla,ying while you wait.  Your child will also be able to watch tv during their visit.  When you walk in you really feel that this is a true pediatric dentist whose goal is to make children feel comfortable and enjoy going to the dentist at a young age.

Interviews & Capturing The Team In Action

We were able to conduct three interviews during this production.  One of the interviews was with the founder and owner of Smile Builders, Robyn Lesser.  She started the practice over 15 years ago.  We also interviewed another of Smile Builder’s dentists, Ashley Tate, and an office manager, Shana.  All of which gave us a great foundation for the story. To capture footage for the b-roll we were given full creativity to showcase the space, dentists, and technicians working along with office staff. They felt that we would elevate the visuals by allowing us to see everything organically and show them all enjoying what they do for a living.

We hope you enjoy seeing the finished product.  Visiting Smile Builders is more than going to the dentist – it is an experience.  Let us know if we can help you promote your business or your next business expansion!