TeleSpecialists – Video Production

TSM loves a good challenge and this project was no exception.  For this shoot, we needed to be at the TeleSpecialists’ headquarters in Fort Myers, FL.  Normally this would be a few hours of travel time for us, fortunately for us, we were in the area.  The previous day we had a production that was only 20 minutes away from TeleSpecialists office in Southwest FL.  Which our team appreciated since we were scheduled to arrive fairly early in the morning.  Making the decision to stay in the area was an easy one for us, because who doesn’t like to save time, right?

Challenge Accepted – Production Day

The main goal for this production was to film as many interviews in one day as possible – that is where the challenging part comes into play.  We produce a plethora of videos every month for them. They wanted to up the collateral by having very professional-looking interviews to incorporate into the monthly videos. The TSM team worked closely with Shannon at TeleSpecialists.  Shannon knew the exact feel they were trying to portray and we were happy to make that vision come to life. With interviews, the hard work for us is always on the front end.  The TSM team had to completely dismantle their conference room to get the exact look we wanted and take advantage of the “slightly modified” light that was coming through the window. 

It took a lot of fine-tuning to get the interviews perfect. When you plan to do a minimum of 10 interviews in one production day, it needs to be perfect at the start. We utilized our 1-ton G&E package to light the conference room we were provided. One critical component was using our Apurture 600d through diffusion outside of the window to keep a consistent look throughout the day. As the sun keeps shifting we did not want the first interview to have a different feel outside the window compared to the last. Once all of the heavy lifting was done on our end, Shannon did a killer job conducting the interviews.  Shannon was able to engage with those being interviewed. Making it easy for her to get the exact responses that she was looking for. At this point, our 3 man crew worked in a rotating manner.  This entailed running all of the audio, cam-oping, and DIT to make sure all the media was properly accounted for and organized by the time we had wheels up.

Challenge Completed

Needless to say, this production came together perfectly.  As always it was a pleasure working with TeleSpecialists.  We accepted the challenge of 10 interviews in one day and were able to work in 4 more interviews.  We even threw in some B-roll of a meeting they had going on in the building.  Proud of our crew for not only meeting our own expectations but exceeding them.