Esplanade at Lakewood Ranch

Corporate headshots are an essential tool for any company looking to create a professional and consistent image for their employees. Esplanade at Azario, located in the beautiful community of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, recently reached out to Two Stories Media to take new headshots of their staff members. See a few below, and read more about how we conducted our shoot!

corporate headshots in lakewood ranch and sarasota


  • Full-Service Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Post-Production
  • Retouching, Color Correction

Corporate Headshots

The benefits of having professional headshots cannot be overstated. For starters, it creates a cohesive and uniform look for the company’s website, marketing materials, and social media platforms. It also allows customers and clients to put a face to the name when interacting with staff members. This can build a stronger sense of trust and familiarity. In this case, the feeling of trust is critical! Clients are buying their new home at Esplanade. They need to know that the staff is attentive, consistent and available.

Brittany was the lead photographer for this shoot, with Dylan gaffing. As with any headshot shoot, they approached the project with professionalism. They produced the headshot look and feel ahead of time during pre-production. This allowed them to make the most of their time with all 13 staff members. Brittany and Dylan arrived early to set up their equipment. They wanted to take advantage of the soft morning light for this shoot, and stay away from the harsh rays (and heat) of the afternoon.

corporate headshots in lakewood ranch and sarasota

Shoot Breakdown

For Brittany, it’s very important to her that all shoot participants feel comfortable and at ease during their headshot. This helps to capture natural and authentic expressions. She gave direction to each staff member on how to pose for their height and body type. This ensures that each staff member’s headshot conveys the right level of professionalism and approachability.

For the shoot itself, Brittany used her 5D Mark IV with a telephoto lens to capture a bokeh effect in the background. She, and the client, wanted the viewer to know that the staff was outside, but not necessarily be able to see everything in the background. This keeps the focus on the staff member, rather than the location. Dylan used a kicker light and our Aputure 1200D with a large dome to create soft, gorgeous light around each subject.

corporate headshots in lakewood ranch and sarasota


After the shoot was complete, Brittany edited the photos to ensure that they were of the highest quality for the client. She also made sure to be consistent with Esplanade at Azario’s branding guidelines. The final images were delivered to the client in both high-resolution and web-ready formats, allowing them to be used for a variety of marketing and communication purposes.

Overall, taking corporate headshots is a crucial element of creating a professional and trustworthy image for any company. With the help of a skilled photographer, like those at Two Stories Media, a company can ensure that their staff members are presented in the best possible light. Thus, their branding efforts are consistent and effective.